Vth Season reacts to spat between Black Coffee and AKA’s road manager

Image: gq.co.za

Image: gq.co.za

This past weekend at the DSTV iRock Festival in Limpopo, Twitter lit up with reactions to a tiff between local DJ Black Coffee and rapper AKA’s road manager.

Vth Season is the entertainment and marketing company that houses artists such as Tresor, Big Star and AKA. In an official statement, the company confirmed that “one of [their] employees, Tshiamo Letshwene, who serves as a road manager, was involved in an altercation with Black Coffee this past weekend at the DSTV iRock Festival in Limpopo whilst Road Managing AKA and his band.”

Vth Season noted that “AKA was not late for his performance at the DSTV iRock Festival in Limpopo as media and event goers have reported.” In addition, the company added, “Three weeks ago we requested a performance time change for AKA to which the event organisers agreed and confirmed. We wanted to ensure that there was enough travel time for AKA and his band as they had another event prior to the DSTV iRock Festival and a private jet was chartered to ensure they got to Limpopo at the quickest possible time.” The company is unsure whether Black Coffee was notified of this time slot prior to the festival.

In reaction to Black Coffee’s altercation with Letshwene, Vth Season stated that “It is unheard of and highly unprofessional for an artist to have squabbles with another artist or his team members about performance line up details. Disputes should be addressed directly with the event organisers to which they would have been able to confirm to Black Coffee that they advised AKA’s band to set up at that particular time” and that Black Coffee “had no business arguing with and then slapping” Letshwene.

“It’s completely unacceptable for Black Coffee to have hit someone. We thought he was a gentleman and a professional. I’m sure he has something to say about his despicable and inexcusable action but in the meantime we anticipate an apology from Black Coffee to the young man” says Benza, managing director of Vth Season.

Watch a video recording of the incident below: