VIMO heads to first ever Tremor Fest

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VIMO will be joining a line-up of other respected and revered artists this August at the Voortrekker Monument for the first ever Tremor Fest. We had a quick chat about the festival and VIMO’s current activities:

This August, you’ll be performing at Tremor Fest at the Voortreker Monument. What are your goals for this performance?
Firstly thanks for having me! With my performance my goal is to bring the freshest sounds and keep the crowd jumping through my whole set.

This will be the first ever Tremor Fest in SA. What are some of your expectations for the event?

Well, its the first one so lets just have a party and make his a memorable event.

On 6 July you released your first EP. What kind of sound can listeners expect from the EP?

It’s the first EP on my label Chutney Records that I am releasing. It’s a blend of my eastern and house influences that take a turn towards the tech house I am enjoying at the moment.

Do you have a favourite track from the EP?

“Eastern Journey” is my favourite as its a rework of my late dad’s favourite track from the 70’s.

You’ve also recently released your yearly mix for 2018, and it is nearly 2 hours long. What goes into making a mix like this?

I basically take all the different styles of music I am enjoying and put it together for a yearly 2 hour mix that’s done live with no fancy editing, etc.