The Voice’s Gavin Edwards releases new album

Photo by Canton Parker.

Photo by Canton Parker.

You released a single titled “Sparks” earlier this year – where did the inspiration for the track come from?

It was a song written by 3 lads from Universal Publishing in Australia Ilan Kidron, Alex Hope and Louis Schoorl . And when myself, Kevin Grenfell and Nick Sinclair from Universal Records SA sat down and started listening to loads of songs from myself and from different writers around the world to decide on a first single, it just jumped out at me, I loved the sound and vibe of it and the words just were just perfect and straight away I said that’s the first single. It was just one of those perfect timing situations that happen effortlessly.

The video for “Sparks” is very colourful and eye-catching. How did you come up with the video’s concept?

That credit all goes to Christiaan Wolf from Brick Wolf Creatives. He listened to Sparks and straight away starting working on visuals for the green screen behind me. Little did I know I’d be shooting on a treadmill, after Take 1 this 38 year old was done; 30 takes later and yeah, sparks were flying, lol!

You released your debut album, Silver Skies, recently. What can fans expect from the album?

Yes can’t believe it, its one of the proudest moments of my life. The album has got a real upbeat vibe to it a few ballads like the duet I did of my blind audition song for The Voice SA, “Say Something” and I got Karlien van Jaarsveld to sing on it and her vocals are just unbelievable and add even more emotion to what already is just a massive emotional song and one that from the blinds everyone asked me to record. And the production is out of this world. The producer is Denholm Harding and he put blood sweat and tears into this album cause we’ve known each other from the old days and he knew how much this meant to me and boy, did he go over and above to make it sound unbelievable.

Do you have any tracks on the album that stand out to you, personally?

So many, I love “Say Something” and “Silver Skies”. Then there’s a song dedicated to my wife called “Riot” and that’s a very special one to me. “Beautiful Morning” a song I wrote with my old friend and guitarist Robby De Sá.

Having taken part in The Voice SA, what would you say was the highlight of your journey on the show?

Well it’s tough to choose one cause it was a different experience everyday but the professionalism and how everyday was about becoming a better artist is what I’ll never forget. And the moment Bobby turned, I wanted him to turn and when he turned first, my heart sank.