The Republic of Muddy-pop: Mieliepop 2018 in review

The aftermath of Mieliepop 2018 has been discussed with mixed emotions. While many festivalgoers were able to arrive on the festival’s intended starting day – Wednesday 21 March – others found the mid-week scheduling slightly awkward, and reported on social media that they would only be heading to the festival on the Friday.

Those who were only able to arrive later on Friday (which was incredibly rainy) were met with some disappointment, as cars were immediately directed to an off-road parking area upon entering the resort’s gates. This was because the road into Tolderia Resort itself had flooded to a point where festivalgoers needed to be towed and shuttled to the festival/camping area.

Some spent Friday evening in the parking area, while others turned around at the gate to go home or seek accommodation in the surrounding towns. Some artists missed their designated performance slots due to this setback.

Many did not let this put them off however, as the parking area became a friendly mini-campsite for a few hours. The festival’s timetable needed to be shuffled due to the weather and even made time for an impromptu performance by the Hellcats.

Those who attended enjoyed the vibe in spite of the rainy weather, and took the conditions in their stride. They braved the cold, wet weather to head out to the variety of food stalls and even take part in some yoga.