Texas live in SA: “Jo’burg, if you’re getting wet, we’re getting wet!”

Photo by Elmarie Kruger.

Article by Kegan Gaspar.

Despite heavy rainfall and a brief dance of hail and lightning, Texas delivered a phenomenal set at Montecasino on Sunday, 10 December.

The opening acts consisted of the quirky Emily Capell, the energetic Monark and the classic Henry Ate, joined on stage by local guitar maestro Albert Frost. Each opening act delivered memorable sets, leaving the crowd pleased in their anticipation for the main act.

Emily Capell performing at the event. Photo by Elmarie Kruger.

Although safety concerns delayed Texas’s performance, the band’s energy was not at all hindered by Johannesburg’s fickle weather. Frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri joked that perhaps they’d brought some Glasgow weather with them. They most certainly brought the charm and spark that has made them a worldwide musical sensation.

Monark performing at the event. Photo by Elmarie Kruger.

Texas effortlessly moved through their set of iconic hit singles that South African audiences have waited a long time to hear live. Each song was delivered with energy and love and it was impossible not to get caught up in the thrill of it all. The crowd’s joyful swaying and singing along to each song was a glorious manifestation of years of waiting for the Scottish band to touch South African soil. The crowd was a mixture of both old and young, and the audience was served the live Texas experience that we have so desperately craved for years. The band entertained the crowd with all their hits, including “Summer Son”, “Black Eyed Boy”, “Everyday now” and “I Don’t Want a Lover”.

Henry Ate performing at the event. Photo by Elmarie Kruger.

It must be noted that Texas did more than perform a show for their South African fans. The crowd was invited to get to know Texas; the experience was far more intimate than other concerts I have attended. When Johanneburg’s relentless rainfall (it seems as though this review is tied to the weather) managed to reach Spiteri on stage, she brushed it off and said, “Jo’burg, if you’re getting wet, we’re getting wet,” which, beyond the entertaining innuendo, highlights how much Texas cares for their fans.

Photo by Elmarie Kruger.

I left Monte casino with a weight lifted off my spirit after finally seeing a band I have always adored live.

The day was an absolute dream. I hope Texas visits us again soon.

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