Sutherland takes on The Unsea

Joburg indie folk outfit Sutherland will be bringing their unique sound to Oppikoppi this weekend. We caught up with the band ahead of their set.

You’ve recently released a new track, “We Are The Love”. What is the message behind the track?

In a nutshell, “We Are the Love” is inspired by a way of life. We’ve always felt that if you love someone or something enough, you will do everything you can to overcome the obstacles you face to make that ‘love’ work for you. [The] overall message is to try and get people to share the love more on a daily basis. If you love your person, and love what you do or what you are trying to achieve fully, life will feel more fulfilling and full of love. Who doesn’t want that?

Was there anything that stood out to the band about the track’s recording process? 

The recording process is always special, this goes for all tracks we’ve recorded, really. Firstly, there is always something new to learn which grows us as a band. That’s always special. Otherwise, working with the guys at High Seas Studios is always great. There is always a lot of experimentation when it comes to getting the right sounds for a specific song. That process is always remarkable so be a part because you end up figuring out and learning things that you didn’t even know were doable.

You’ve released a lyric video for “We Are The Love”. Can we expect an official video soon? 

We have been talking about music video for the new single. If not for “We Are the Love”, we’ll definitely have one coming out for one of the tracks to follow.

What are your expectations for your Koppi set this weekend? 

[We] just expect to put on the best show we can, have a lot of fun and really hope that everyone watching us has as much fun as we are! We’ve got some cool surprises for the fans which [we’re] sure they’ll love.

Which bands are you most excited to see at Oppikoppi 2016?

Honestly, there are so many great bands performing at OppiKoppi this weekend that I’m worried we won’t be able to see all of the bands we want to. We’re obviously excited to see the International bands because chances like that don’t come around all too often. But to name a few of the local bands: Grassy Spark, Shortstraw, Josh Kempen, Go Barefoot, Bye Beneco, Made for Broadway, SDO, New Academics… [we] could sit here and do this for a while, so [we’re] just going to say we’re going to watch and support as many of the bands performing this weekend as we can.