SilvaBlack talks new EP


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On 8 September, rising rap ‘n’ roll artist SilvaBlack released the video for his single “Take Off” We spoke to him about the release, his new EP and his live performances.

What was the inspiration behind your single “Take Off”?

The inspiration? Basically there’s a friend of mine who’s a producer/artist – Gemini Major. He’s a Malawian gentleman – [that’s why the track] has a very African kind of sound to it. It wasn’t made with the direct purpose of me rapping to it. [When it comes to the inspiration for songs] I basically listen to the beat I’m given and then generally it [develops] from there and [the track is] built on that. The inspiration of [the name] “Take Off” is like a rocketship launching, an introduction to who SilvaBlack is.

Tell us a bit more about the video for “Take Off” and its concept – how did that develop?

[We launched] the video at the same time as the SilvaBlack website. The video was done by André Badenhorst and Ross Maxwell. The vision that they had [for the video] and the vision that I had [were the same]. It’s a very different video when you think of hip-hop and rap videos. I’m very proud to be part of it.

Tell us about your Harder Darker Faster EP. What kind of sound can listeners expect from it?

It’s a nine-track EP and I don’t even think that there’s two songs on there that are the same. All the instrumentals for the EP are by Gemini Major and he’s brought such a range to [the EP]. [For example] the track “Tell ‘Em What You Running From” is very much [a mixture of] rap and rock ‘n’ roll. Lyrically, there’s a lot of hard rap – so it doesn’t all follow one direction. Beat-wise, I can’t even box it in.

How have you been finding your various live performances – Oppikoppi, for instance?

It’s been dope. It’s all been very inspirational for me. First off, just to play at Oppikoppi and to do so well there [was amazing]. The response was great.