Sam World and Matthew O’Connell release remix of “Heaven”

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Image provided.

DJ Sammy’s iconic version of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” is a track that many people know and remember. Recently, DJ and producer Sam World teamed up with Matthew O’Connell of Goodluck to release a remix of this version of the track. We spoke to Sam World about this release.

You recently released a cover of the DJ Sammy version of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” why did you choose this version of the song to cover, specifically?

Everybody at some stage of their life knows or heard of the song. We laid down a demo and took it home for our friends to hear and everyone could pin a memory to that specific song, that’s when we knew it would be a great idea to do a cover.

Was it intimidating at all to cover such a well-known song?

Not at all intimidating, it was actually so much fun especially working with one of my good friends Matthew.

How did you decide which musical elements to include in your version of “Heaven”?

It’s a very natural process, when we recorded the vocals before making music, it was just easy to build on it, and I never sat down and thought about, it just happened.

How does your collective creative process work? Is there a specific pattern you follow when working on a track, or is the process different for each song?

It always starts with a basic chord structure and starts to build the track from there. Although the process can be different from a track to another.