Ruby Burton releases new single and video

Photo by Cass Collett.

Photo by Cass Collett.

Rising singer-songwriter and dancer Ruby Burton has recently released a video for her single, “Shiver”. We spoke to the songstress about this new release and her musical inspirations.
You’ve recently released a new video for your single “Shiver”. Could you elaborate on the video’s concept? 
Think escapism. I wanted the idea of leaving the city to go somewhere far from the chaos of city life. A place where open space is liberating. It’s all about two souls connecting and collaborating and in that moment nothing else matters.

Where did the inspiration for the video’s concept come from?

I closed my eyes and listened to “Shiver”, I basically just visualised it.

How would you describe the track “Shiver” itself? 

Its quite eclectic. I started writing this track on the guitar, I’ve always loved acoustic sound, but then we thought we would spice it up a bit, and added some cool beats and what I like to call a laid back dubstep. It’s quite a sensual track and that’s why I wanted the video to echo that sensuality.

Where did you find the lyrical inspiration for the track?

I wrote this track over two years. I like things to happening naturally and over the years I kept filling in the blanks. I took from different experiences. I sat in studio finishing the track and then recorded it. I also find it easier to write music with the guitar, it inspires me and the lyrics keep flowing.

What first got you into making music, originally?

My dad is a jazz singer, so I was always listening to the classics growing up. From a very young age I was writing my own songs. I would put on little shows for my parents. In primary school we even started a girl-band. Music has always been that one thing I just can’t live without.

Who are some of your biggest musical role models?

I have so many. Just to name four, I’d say, Amy Winehouse, Nat King Cole [and] Kimbra, and I am in love with James Arthur at the moment. His music is so real.