Review: The Cosmic Strange debut EP


Review by Jessica Oosthuizen.

The Cosmic Strange released their self-titled debut EP in July. Their music is a mix of acid punk and modern indie rock and their sound gives off a feel-good vibe.

The album kicks off with an uplifting tune, “Sunsnare”; vocalist Nick De Beer’s voice is refreshingly unique. The song distantly reminds of early Imagine Dragons. The use of synthesizers is perfect and not overwhelming, it is utilized very well in this song. There’s a catchy synthesizer part towards the end of the song and the change in the beat makes for an interesting listen. The next song, “Whatever Goes” really pulls the listener in from the get go, with psychedelic sounds and laid-back yet amazing vocals.

“Hypnotize” is pure gold. The drums immediately grab your attention and it feels as if you are in the room where it is being played. It’s interesting that the drums for this song, and two others, were recorded in the vocalist’s living room to produce a lively roomy sound.  This was a great idea on the band’s part, because that detail makes a huge difference in the song. The song makes you want to move! It has punk characteristics and sounds, there’s a really cool and catchy guitar riff in the middle of the song, and the distorted guitars, along with the rawness of the vocals and catchy chorus give the song a funky and fun sound. The song puts the guitar and bass at the forefront.

Everything in “The Tide” fits perfectly: the lyrics, the music, the vocals. The song is an ocean and all the elements are the tide, that’s what the song sounds like. It  has some reggae undertones which blend really well with the rest of the song. The song fades for a moment towards the middle, like a wave pulling back, and then peacefully builds up again, like a wave rising. The song combines all of the elements that the band describes their sound as, and it is a great finish to the album.

The Cosmic Strange are a fresh breath in the SA music scene. Their sound is original and invigorating and they are definitely worth a listen.