Review: Taxi Violence: Shape and Form I

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Review by Jessica Oosthuizen.

Taxi Violence have released a new EP, Shape and Form I, which will be followed by a series of other EPs throughout the year. The multiple releases will lead up to a full length album release at the end of 2017. The band said that this process allows them to give their fans “new material more regularly”.

The avid rockers really impress with their first instalment of the Shape and Form series. You just can’t help moving with the beat on the first song, “Captive By Design”. It starts with a catchy drum beat and a nifty guitar riff. The song has a bluesy feel to it and you can hear the influence of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. There’s a cool change of tone in the middle of the song and the song finishes off with an awesome guitar solo.

“Fake It” kicks it up a gear with a faster pace and more heavily distorted guitars; the vocals are also more husky and raw than in the previous song. The sound brings Nirvana to mind, and the lyrics are really relatable – “If you don’t know, just fake it”. This song shouts “rock ‘n’ roll” and it’s the perfect song for a mosh pit. It’s the first single of the album and the band have released a music video for the song which has been done brilliantly.

The last song on the album, “Grindstone”, is a great finisher. It brings the EP together perfectly – the song starts off with distorted guitars, then the vocalist smoothly sails in with calm and raspy vocals. The song features a meaty solo halfway in. Like the first song, you just can’t help but move with the rhythm.

Shape and Form I is a reminder of what Taxi Violence can do. They are a band with great skill and their material never disappoints. It is evident that the band have put a lot of work and effort into producing the EP and this release is a taste of what is to come.