Review: Raptors & Remnants – Serpent Sound


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Review by Jessica Oosthuizen.

Raptors & Remnants is the solo project of Nicolas Gonzalez, lead vocalist and guitarist of alternative rock band Climate Control.

Gonzalez has just released his debut track “Serpent Sound”, a hauntingly beautiful composition. The song starts with a lightly distorted guitar riff. The melody is very catchy and the soothing vocals complement the song’s lyrics. “Serpent Sound” is sombre, but also hopeful – the track is raw and honest.

Gonzalez’s debut song is loaded with metaphors. The artist’s passion and emotion flow through the song – he has said that doing something that is his own can be “deeply personal” and it is evident when you listen to the song.

The song ends with the riff that it started with, only with more prominent percussion and the song comes full circle. “Serpent Sound” is a superb track from Gonzalez and it will be exciting to see what else he has in store for listeners.