Review: Hellcats: A Coffin full of Hellcats, Vol. II

A Coffin Full of Hellcats_EP Cover art

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5 stars

Old school rock has gotten a fresh new face in the shape of Joburg-bred two-piece Hellcats. With their classic rock-inspired sound, they have been lighting up stages across the country. The band’s sound is unfettered and a prime example of unadulterated dirty rock.

Just because their sound is raw and rough, doesn’t mean its unprofessional, as the track “High Noon” proves all too well. Alessandro Benigno’s vocals are the very embodiment of hardcore and they shine on this EP.

It’s difficult to draw a comparison between A Coffin Full of Hellcats Vol. I and Vol. II. The tracks on both EPs are diverse, but without making it seem as if the band is trying to reinvent themselves with each new track – a factor that gives their sound some much-appreciated stability.

“One Foot in the Grave” is an authentic, direct track that will make any rock ‘n roll lover’s little black heart swell with joy. The EP’s highlight, however, is “Black Stabbath”, a track that is very reminiscent of the sounds of its almost-namesake. The track conjures up images of Ozzy Osbourne in his glory days and reminds us, very thoroughly, that rock ‘n roll is still alive.