REVIEW: Emerger – Bloom

Alt-pop twopiece Emerger have recently released their debut album, Bloom. The duo draws their inspiration from a wide variety of sources, which is clear to see when listening to their first musical offering.

The album opens with “Hindsight”, an upbeat track that carries its synth-pop influences with pride. The track’s chorus is memorable, and it boasts a dreamy melody. On a different, but not opposite, end of the spectrum, “Break & Fall” is still synth-driven, but slightly slower. Lead singer Emma de Goede’s vocals have an almost Paramore-esque feel, which is bolstered by the instrumental talents of bandmate Gerrit Matthee.

“Urban Wilderness” is a track with fairy tale-like lyrics. It adds a new dimension to the album and shows off the duo’s ability for achieving musical adroitness. The album closes with an extended version of this track.

On a more ethereal note, “Prelude for You” plays a lot like an other-worldly ballad, adding to the album’s dreamlike sound. This atmosphere is strengthened by De Goede’s flowing vocals. “Nomadic Love”, however, is slightly more percussion-driven than the rest of the album, utilising strong guitar sounds to enhance its melody.

The album’s title track, “Bloom”, is an instrumental track, which adds yet another layer to an already diverse album, which flows well into the next track, “Hindsight (Reprise)”. This track acts as a fresh reimagining of the album’s second single, ending with a note that almost glows and reverberates into a clear-cut reminder of this mini-album’s sound.

Overall, as Bloom can attest, Emerger seems to be a duo who knows what they want from their own sound. While the album has a sense of musical familiarity to it, Emerger still manages to keep their music unique, and above all, memorable.