Review: Daniel Baron: Weekend of Mass Destruction


Review by Jessica Oosthuizen.

Daniel Baron released his third studio album, Weekend Of Mass Destruction, in June. Baron describes the album as one “celebrating love and destroying hate”.

The intro track “Pink Atomic Symphony” paves the road for the rest of the album, it is a culmination of genres, as Baron’s music is popular for. The song tantalizes the ears and Baron’s voice is moving and almost mystical. The song combines soft house beats and a piano, which sounds amazing. The song ends with a sick beat, leading the listener further down the rabbit hole.

“Weekend” starts with a guitar intro and the melody sounds Middle-Eastern and instantly lifts you up. The artist’s voice is smooth and soothing, the lyrics are inspiring and uplifting. The Middle-Eastern sound is carried through the beat, and the sounds are mesmerising. Good song for the weekend, as the title suggests.

In “Piano Off The Roof” the piano, beat and vocals go together perfectly. The beat drops at just the right time and makes you want to move your body. The lyrics are really well-crafted; the composition of the song is just perfect, everything falls exactly into place and the song is a feast for the ears. The song makes you feel like everything is right in the world. “Beautiful Noise” describes itself. Great track with lyrics and beats filled with happiness.

“Pyromaniac” perfectly describes the artist’s mixing of genres. The song starts and you’d think it’s a rock ‘n’ roll song, then the beat drops and it’s insane. This song is a culmination of rock and EDM and looking at the description, listeners may be surprised at how good it sounds. The lyrics can be seen as inherently “meta”, it describes the “risk” of combining different genres – “I like to play with fire”; well the result is fantastic!

“Children Of The Sun” was the top selling South African dance song on iTunes for 3 weeks in a row and it’s easy to see why. The song explodes with life and energy, the lyrics are catchy and the beat is great.

“Private Show” sounds quite different from the rest of the album, it sounds like R&B. The vocals and beats do not combine as well as the songs on the rest of the album.

The vocals on “Blood & Violins” are astounding. The artist is extremely talented and can do so much with his voice. This song is extremely elevating and makes you feel like anything is possible. The sound of the violins combined with electronic beats is awe-inspiring.

“Euphoria” combines pop-sounds with house beats. “Touch You” features the sickest beats, but it’s a bit of an anti-climax when the artist starts singing. The lyrics and tone of it don’t seem to exactly match the beats.

“Electro” is something completely different from the rest of the album. It’s a ballad, and the song features only piano and violin with the artist’s voice. The vocals and and the lyrics work well together, even though the song is very different from the rest of the album’s aesthetic.

All round, Weekend Of Mass Destruction is an incredible album and just another indication of Daniel Baron’s monumental talent. As Baron said himself, “Music is bigger than just dividing sounds and melodies into genres. Music is freedom.” And this album is proof of that.