Park Acoustics 2016: Bobbejaan DJs bring the year to a close with a bang

Photo by Henry Engelbrecht.

Photo by Henry Engelbrecht.

The final Park Acoustics event of 2016 is set to be a massive party, and the much-loved Bobbejaan DJs are set to contribute to the festivities.

You’ll be playing at the final installment of Park Acoustics for 2016. What are your expectations for the event?

Yeah, we’re more excited than Julius in Parliament! Park Acoustics is always a megga jol, these end-of-year-bash type ones are bigger; obviously that means more jol at the jol. Ipso facto we expect a megga-er JOL! Have you even checked the lineup, bru?

This will form part of the Bobbejaan Street theatre. How did the idea to incorporate this with Park Acoustics come about?

The lovely chaps at Park Acoustics have always been a big support to us, last year they approached and asked if we would like to host a stage at their previously described “megga-er JOL” and we jointly conceived the idea of the street theatre; kinda like a Bobbejaan party at a Park Acoustics party. Fortunately it was such a bone-breakingly good (haha) do last year that they’ve asked us back again this year. We’ve got a killer lineup coming at you; Raygun Royale, Flex of He & I, Yugen Blakrok, Make-Overs and the folk(ing insane!) trio Black Math!

How do you prepare for live events?

It really depends on what we are doing at said live event. If we are hosting it then we do rather a lot of carrying, heavy lifting, a touch of sweating and maybe even some light-hearted swearing. If we are performing we do slightly less heavy lifting and a bit more boogieing. A good solid boogie every now and again is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

What has been your favourite event to perform at this year so far?

Shoowee, it has been a long year with almost as many great jols. If you really need an answer then it must be Mieliepop Festival, have you checked it out? It’s flippin’ MAL!

You recently played at Halloween 2016 at the Voortrekker Monument. How did that go?

What a great party, the chaps involved really go all out to gooi a snorting grunter of an evening; Sol Gems, Hellcats and Fuzigish absolutely KILLED it!

Earlier in November you were part of an event called A Fat Wreck. What was this experience like?

It was lekke, we have been fans of Fat Wreck Chords’ stuff for years and especially their DIY process of doing things. We screened a documentary called A Fat Wreck with a few bands for good measure, to be able to be involved in spreading the film was rad, it’s also great to see how easy it is to spread beyond our boarders within the DIY scene. Everything is based on collaboration and being fair, making the best situation for everyone involved so that we can all grow together. We Did This Records were a major part of the events too, Conley and the crew are really pushing a scene hard and putting out great music; they’re a massive inspiration to a lot of people trying to give it a go – like us!