Oppikoppi teams up with Owl Rescue Centre to reduce plastic waste

As the world grows more and more environmentally conscious, South Africans have also been doing their part to reduce, reuse and recycle. South Africa’s favourite festival isn’t being left behind, and that’s why, at the 2018 festival next weekend, Oppikoppi will be working with Owl Rescue Centre to help reduce their plastic waste and support a great local conservation project.

The Owl Rescue Centre is dedicated to the protection of local owl species, rescuing and rehabilitating owls in distress. The centre is implementing a new and exciting project, which will also be helping to reduce the global plastic pollution problem. By using recycled plastic to build owl houses, bat house, and bee hives the owl rescue centre is helping not only to reduce our plastic waste but is looking after our friends in the sky.

This year the Owl Rescue Centre will have their collection bags at Oppikoppi collecting all of the plastic waste generated by the festival. In addition to this The Own Rescue Centre will be auction off one of their owl houses which will be signed by some of the artists playing at Oppikoppi.

Since the Koppi team is running such a great initiative, it just serves as a reminder for festivalgoers heading to the dustbowl next week to keep their camping areas clean, and to look out for the dustbins in the festival area before simply leaving their waste behind and spoiling the Koppi farm’s beautiful natural surroundings.