Oppikoppi 2016: The big wrap-up

Photo by Elmarie Kruger.

Photo by Elmarie Kruger.

You’ve heard the saying “in dust we trust” and all the other Oppikoppi-related clichès that accompany it. You might have been a prawn in Mordor yourself this year or you might have no idea what such gibberish could possibly mean. Whether you were able to head down to Northam town for some dustbowl fun at ‘Koppi 2016 or not, we’ve got you covered with everything you might have missed at SA’s biggest music festival (whether you were absent in physical body or mind).

Day 1, Friday 5 August: Don’t be k*k, be lekker.

Unless you drive a Hilux, a Kombi or maybe a tank, the trip to Oppikoppi usually isn’t a very comfortable one. If you’re well prepared, you might find yourself shoved in the backseat of your friend’s Corsa Lite between sleeping bags, no name-brand toilet rolls and clinking vodka bottles. This disagreeable experience is usually quickly erased from your mind once you enter the festival grounds and make your way to the stage area. This year, Oppi-goers were treated a stellar Friday line-up, which included the smooth sounds of The Motherland, seasoned rockers WONDERboom, the suave Hellcats and The Plastics’ eclectic set. One of the day’s highlights was the hilarious, yet thought-provoking performance by Satanic Dagga Orgy (who are, admittedly, the kind of band you don’t want your mother to know you saw live). Their clever lyrics and shiny lycra pants were irresistible, however, and if you were standing close enough to the stage, you might even have walked away with a naughty free gift or two.

Day 2, Saturday 6 August: Dink, dans, dink, dans.

Saturday morning was welcomed by the ever-popular Bittereinder, who, despite disappearing in the odd cloud of smoke at certain times during their set, delivered an outstanding set – the perfect remedy against the encroaching cold. Later that morning, some were awoken by a very adamant rooster, some by the Game of Thrones theme being blasted on bagpipes, and others by their neighbours’ car stereos blasting the greatest hits of 2006. Those who were valiant enough to venture out into the baking sun were able to enjoy top-class performances by Stone Jets, Shortstraw’s OppiBoosh lineup, Gerald Clark’s soulful blues and a fist-pumping set by The Kiffness. Fokofpolisiekar ramg in the new day with their powerful set, which encouraged much moshing and head-banging. Throughout the festival, concert-goers were also treated to a variety of comedy acts, who imparted some educational advice on those who listened (did you know, for instance, that you can tell how Afrikaans someone is by the amount of lumo clothing they own? Dankie, Schalk Bezuidenhout).

Day 3, Sunday 7 August: Jy’t vriende in Swede, ek het vriende in Benoni.

The last morning (or second last, depending on when you leave) of Oppikoppi is always a difficult one. Whether it’s because you don’t have the physical strength to wriggle out of your sleeping bag and have a wet-wipe bath or because you don’t want to face the reality that the festival will soon be over, it’s always difficult to get going. The best you can do is wipe your inevitably dirty face, have some Cream Soda and a greasy breakfast, and make the best of the remainder of the weekend. This wasn’t difficult to do with acts such as Fever Dogs, Medicine Boy, Sol Gems and Petite Noir gracing the stages on Sunday. To top it off, Sunday evening saw mind-blowing sets by Jack Parow and festival headliners Yelawolf, August Burns Red and Kongos. Whether you made your way out of the festival gates late Sunday night or early Monday morning, it is likely that a lingering anticipation for next year’s festival traveled with you. Even in its adult years, Oppikoppi has still got lots of kick (and when you wake up sore and sick after your trip home, you know it still packs quite a punch, too).

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