Nomadic Orchestra head to Park Acoustics

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Image provided.

Capetonian brass dance band Nomadic Orchestra are heading to Park Acoustics this Sunday. We spoke to the band about their expectations for the performance, new projects and…pants.
Your latest album, Love at Last, boasts some colourful cover art. What was the inspiration behind it?

It’s all about love. Love for one another. Love for music. Love for James cuddling naked with Joe in Berlin in a bunk bed the whole night without James knowing and Joe being very surprised in the morning when James went for a wee. #EuroSafari

Would you say that there has been a growth in your sound from your previous releases compared to Love at Last?
Our second record is different in approach to our first (Move Your Things) in that we performed in two separate studios and approached the recording with a rougher, more edgy, more live sound. We have always tracked together and pick the best take but on Love At Last we chose the more intense or more groovy performances rather than the more technically successful ones.

What can fans expect from your set at Park Acoustics this month?

Park Acoustics is gonna be mal. Like very mal! People ask us how mal and we tell them VERY MAL because it’s true.
In May, the band performed at the MTN Bushfire festival. What was that experience like?

We stopped at a petrol station and saw some Rhino and we all said “Swaziland is amazing!” and then our manager Luca told us that we were still in South Africa. We were a bit disappointed. But after getting across the border and madly and rushing on stage after all the travelling, we played a fun show to an excellent and dance-receptive crowd. It was a world class festival and the line up was incredible. We were honoured to be a part of it.

The band has been quite quiet in recent months – is there anything new in the pipeline?

We’re mostly gathering ourselves for a killer December tour and our next trip to Europe in 2017. We have some collabs in the pipeline, some new material and some very nice new pants that Gabriel got that we can’t wait to share with everyone! (But of course we can’t share the pants because Gabe will be wearing them, so that would be a bit silly.)

You can purchase tickets to this month’s edition of Park Acoustics here.