MixFest 2019: Five Minutes with CrashCarBurn

Photo by Andre Badenhorst.

Interview by Ashton Kirsten.

This weekend will see the first-ever MixFest taking place  on 28 and 29 September at Cradle Moon in Muldersdrift. The festival will feature top class local acts such as Mango Groove. Rubber Duc, CrashCarBurn, Springbok Nude Girls, Jeremy Loops and many more.  This awesome new event will include live music and pop-up food stalls. Accommodation options include chalets and fixed tents.

We had the opportunity to chat to the amazing CrashCarBurn ahead of the event:

The band has been performing at a few festivals this year, including Ramfest and Pirate Fest, and you’ve been booking gigs quite extensively. Which has been your favourite gig so far and why? 

I think Ramfest has been my favourite! Always great playing outdoors (another reason we’re so excited for Mixfest) and the whole festival was just really well organised and equipped!
You were recently involved in an 80s-themed Punk Goes Pop gig in Cape Town, and these shows are usually super nostalgic and fun. Can we look forward to you getting involved in another edition soon?
Hahaha! Yeah, that was the second PGP we’ve done. We generally do them once every 2 years. So maybe next year…we just need a good theme! Any ideas?
The 80s seem somewhat inescapable for CrashCarBurn as your music video for “Out of Control” radiates retro neon double-exposures. Has this unapologetic 80s undercurrent influenced your live shows too? 
Hey man, we were born in the 80s so we gotta embrace it you know? Yes, definitely some 80s vibes in our latest album, but I don’t think it really filters through to our live shows, you wont see us dressed in neon spandex!
Are day or weekend festivals like MixFest becoming more viable and accessible to fans, in your opinion? 
I think putting on a festival is hard, full stop! Every time we play a new festival, I say a little prayer for the promotor because it is a mammoth task. Mix fest has all the right pieces in place:  a mammoth lineup, a great date and a majestic venue, I haven’t looked forward to a show like this in a while, it’s going to be epic and the fact that it’s relatively close to JHB and PTA means we are going to see a great turnout.
What are your three festival must-haves?
Easy! 1) Sun screen! 2) Beer money 3) A lekker attitude!

Image provided.