Kyle Watson heads to Corona Sunsets Festival


Renowned house DJ Kyle Watson is set to perform at the colourful Corona Sunsets Festival on 16 December. Read pur exclusive interview with Watson before the event!

Tell us about your background (where you’re from to how you got into music).
My father has been involved in the record industry his whole life running a record label, publishing company and recording studios. My parents got me to take up piano lessons when I was young and the rest is history!

Describe your music style. 
Bass-driven house music.

You’ve received great compliments by local and international artists. How does this motivate you?
It’s great to get local recognition, but when it comes from international acts that I have looked up to for years it really is very special. Hearing that kind of positive feedback really drives me to carry on.

What has been your biggest achievement/memory/experience to date?
There have been a few, but probably the highlight was one of my EP’s on This Ain’t Bristol reaching the number 1 spot on Beatport. That was pretty great.

The Corona Sunsets Festival is set to be one of the top outdoor parties of the year. What are you excited to experience at this event?
I’m super excited for this, the crowd is always awesome when I play in Cape Town and the lineup is one of the strongest and most interesting I’ve seen in SA.

What can fans expect from you at this event?
Expect to hear all of my newest productions, some will even be debuted there.

What do you make of the world-class line-up at this event? Who are you excited to see? Play alongside etc?
Duke Dumont is someone I’ve followed for many years. Nora En Pure just remixed my new single with Pop Art which is doing very well, so I’m keen to see what she has to offer. There are too many!

What do you love about Cape Town?
The vibe! Everyone’s just out to have a good time, and they always respond really well to the music.

Why is Cape Town the ideal venue for Corona Sunsets Festival?
This event has to be outside, in a really beautiful location. Cape Town is just that. The ocean helps too!

Any advice to DJs coming through the ranks in South Africa?
Differentiate yourself right from the start, and you will find fans and a loyal following. Then build it from there.

What are your future goals? Any exciting plans?
Just keep going! Tour next year, try to play more international events and visit more clubs across the world. Keep making music and really just try take it to the next level.