Krank’d Up 2018: An Interview with Ruff Majik

Photo: Christelle Duvenage.

Alberton will become a metal-lover’s wonderland once more tomorrow, as Krank’d Up will e hitting Sundowners in spectacular fashion. In anticipation of the event, we spoke to Pretoria three-piece Ruff Majik.

On 29 September, you’ll be playing at the annual Krank’d Up festival. What are your expectations for your set?

Well, from what we’ve heard from other bands, it’s always a very good and lively audience, so we’re expecting a party I suppose!

Are there any bands you’re excited to see at the event?

Yeah for sure! Our Plug Music mates Facing The Gallows, Truth And Its Burden and Dirty Moonshine will all be jamming, so we’re excited for them. Also, we listened to a lot of SiktH a while back, so it’s gonna be amazing to see them jam live.

Your Season of the Witch tour will be kicking off at Krank’d Up as well. What can fans expect from the tour?

New music, aggressive live performances, a bass player walking on tables, shirtless men, and everything your mother warned you against.

The tour’s poster art is eye-catching and evocative. Who designed it for you?

Annemarie Buchner, the main driving force behind Ale & Cake Illustration. She’s also done the artwork for every Ruff Majik album ever released.

What made you decide to dub this tour “Season of the Witch”?

Well, October is the month of Halloween, and we always get very excited for Halloween (our first EP was released on Halloween actually). So, I suppose it’s just to pay homage to our favourite things (witches, the occult, horror, etc), in the month where they are most recognised as culturally relevant. The name itself comes for a song by Donovan, actually called “Season of the Witch”.

In April this year, you released your debut full length album, Seasons. What is the band’s favourite track from the album?

I think the one we all enjoy to play live the most is probably “Breathing Ghosts”. It goes from black metal to sabbath worship in the blink of an eye, and then it just kinda fades out with grungey guitars. It’s a weird one, so we dig it.

You’re also hitting the studio this month with the aim of releasing a follow-up to Seasons. What can we expect from these new tracks?

Heavier riffs mostly. Along with our usual quirkiness. Other than that, you’ll have to wait and see!