Krank’d Up 2017: bringing light(n)ing and thunder

Red Helen at Krank’d Up 2017. Photo by Jessica Oosthuizen.

Article by Jessica Oosthuizen.

The lightning and thunder on the night of Krank’d Up music festival was not the only things that electrified the air and roared into the night.

The day started out hot and heavy at this year’s Krank’d Up music festival at Sundowners in Alberton. It attracted an interesting and diverse crowd, young and old enjoyed the local and international line-up of metal and alternative acts.

After Robot delivered a groovy and energetic performance at the Hunter’s Stage and fans especially enjoyed it when they did a cover of “Ghostbusters”. More people started to arrive at about 2.30pm, and Held on Till May entertained fans with their post pop-punk sound and clean vocals. The crowd enjoyed their Green Day cover and it was a cool addition when the band invited a friend on-stage to growl in one of their songs.

Five piece, female fronted Coldfield impressed with their insane guitar and drum skills; Sharné van Zyl’s voice was enchanting. State Society’s performance was a mixture of blues, pop rock and alternative. They engaged the crowd with their music and their wit. Vocalist Clifford Barnard jokingly called them the “dad rock band”.

Deadline played “Hostage Demonica” and they drew quite a crowd throughout their old school heavy metal set.  Their performance was exhilarating; vocalist Jessy Switchblade and the rest of the band members were all over the stage and their crazy energy ignited the crowd. It’s easy to see why Deadline won the SAMMA 2017 Best Metal Newcomer award. Their music could be compared to that of Megadeth and Anthrax. Switchblade’s voice is characteristic of Bruce Dickinson’s (Iron Maiden). The band’s performance, stage presence and on-stage personas completely set them apart.

De Wallen entertained the audience with their dirty rock and roll and got them dancing. Vocalist Jeandré Swanepoel has a very unique, husky voice and the band’s heavy and grungy. At 5pm the crowd really started picking up and the temperature started cooling down. People were generally outside at Main Stage, even though there were really good acts performing inside at the Hunter’s Stage. It may have been because the latter was a little small and it was warm inside.

Vulvodynia brought the metal! By the time of their set it was getting darker; the stage lighting was sick, the red lighting complimented their growl-fuelled death metal set. They drew quite a crowd and brought them to their feet; fans formed a massive mosh-pit and head-banged to the growling vocals and heavy guitars.

The crowd rocked out to Red Helen. Their set was amazing, they really engaged the crowd – at one stage the band had fans sit down on the ground and jump up, that was very cool to see. It started raining during their set, but the crowd braved the rain.

INTERVALS were incredible and showcased their talent with fan favourite “I’m Awake”. The band performed three new songs, which fans really appreciated and applauded.

The audience roared when highly anticipated Memphis May Fire hit the stage. The band swayed the crowd with popular songs “Legacy” and “Vices” and fans sang along to the slower “Miles Away”. The band finished their set with “Carry On” but fans wanted more. They encored with their explosive song “The Sinner”, intoxicating the crowd and ending the night with electricity in the air.

Krank’d Up once again delivered a legendary music festival with an incredible local and international line-up, continuing to cement their name as the go-to festival for alternative music fans.

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