Jethro Tait talks new single, “One for the Books”

Photo by Oxana Nacu.

Still riding the wave of the release of his new single, “One for the Books”, things are looking bright for the talented Jethro Tait. We spoke to him recently about his career and his latest track.

You’ve recently released your new single, “One for the Books.” How would you describe the track?

It’s a pop song with some reggaeton and dancehall influence in the production. I wanted to do something different so it doesn’t quite go into that generic reggaeton groove but rather just gives you a similar feel. It’s a song you can either chill out and tap your foot to while listening to the lyrics or something you could get up and dance to.

What inspired “One for the Books”?

To be honest I’m not entirely sure where the song came from. In the beginning I just had the line “It’s one for the books tonight” and I just ran with it. I never really pre-plan what I’m going to write about. I prefer just being open to getting out whatever needs to come out in the moment. The song is inspired by having a crazy night out, which I seldom do, so I guess at the time of writing it I was feeling like life was getting a bit stressful and I needed one of those crazy nights out to forget about everything and blow off some steam.

How has the track been received so far?

It’s been received well. I’ve only had positive feedback. Radio has been a little slower that I had hoped but the song’s doing really well on Spotify and the streams are growing quite steadily. I was lucky enough to be added to some big international playlists so I’m really happy about that.

Can we expect a music video for this single any time soon?

Yes. We did shoot a music video which will be released in early July.

Having written music for other artists, has it been a different or new experience performing your own work in a more solo sphere?

Yeah, it’s completely different. When you write a song you hand it over to the artist and your job is pretty much done. You give the song away in a sense. It’s a really great feeling to release my own music now and be able to fully call a song “mine.” It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m really enjoying the experience.

You recently opened for Jesse Clegg at the Rivonia Barnyard. What was that like?

It was actually my second time opening for Jesse. I was lucky enough to do a show with him at the end of May as well. He and his band were really welcoming and supportive which calmed the nerves a lot. Jesse’s a really great performer with great stage presence. He’s someone I feel like I could learn a lot from so I’m really happy I got the opportunity. Hopefully I get to do some more shows with him in the future.