Janice releases new single

Photo by Anika Molnár.

Photo by Anika Molnár.

Your new single, “Now or Never”, was released recently. How would you describe the track?

It’s a combination of hip hop/pop vibes, with [soulful] RnB vocals and a nice story line. Let’s not forget that rap – pure fire!

What was the inspiration behind the track?

My producer played me the track and his ideas  he wrote for the chorus part of it. The melody is what got me, one of the lines that he mentioned  was ” you could be that somebody “. I immediately went into the vocal booth and started singing melodies and runs. This is what I call the foundation phase. Then I found a quiet spot somewhere and started writting about a particular  experience. Based on that one line: ” you could be that somebody “.

You’ve been working as a backing vocalist for Jimmy Nevis – would you say this experience helped to shape your solo music?

It definitely helped me alot but I still had to spend the time on my own trying to figure what my sound was.
Being a BV boosted my confidence, reignited my love for music and gave me inside knowledge to this industry. But a lot of the solo work I had to do solo. My friend Jimmy Nevis was a great support .

How would you describe your overall sound to new listeners?

What would [a blend of] classic old school, new school vibes be called? The best of both worlds maybe?
I have a very old school classic melody driven voice with the latest production.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston [and] Beyoncé. Lately I’m loving me some Jazmine Sullivan [and] Ariana Grande