ISO releases new album

Photo by Sean Brand.

Photo by Sean Brand.

Progressive rock four-piece ISO have recently released their brand new album Polydimension. We caught up with the band to chat about their new album and its accompanying singles.

You officially made your upcoming album, Polydimension, available for pre-order on 2 September, using the single “Rabbit Hole” as an instant gratification track for ordering the album. What made the band decide to use “Rabbit Hole” as the album’s lead single?

The first single often serves as the introduction for the entire album, and what “Rabbit Hole” signifies to us is an enticement. This song openly displays some of the musical attributes that are not only (firstly) fun for us to perform, but accessible to a larger fan base.

What kind of sound can fans expect from Polydimension? Will it be very different from what the band has previously done?

[We have] taken some wild direction changes in the past. What Polydimension represents is the indefinite platform of conceptual developments for our future creations. Sonically we root ourselves in older influences, and we steer the projects toward progressive music territory.

The band has recently welcomed a new member. How has this influenced your sound?

Nicholas McCready is a fantastically existential individual. Nick is talented,innovative as well as passionate, and these characteristics have begun to bloom in the procreative sonic garden of Iso.

Polydimension is an interesting album title. Where did the inspiration for it come from?

A dimension can be many things. To us, the Polydimension initiates our new journey with a conceptual backbone. For years our fans have inspired us to move into a more fantasy/sci-fi artistic direction, thus we now tell the story of the album imagery. Tales of planetary and humanoid beings interact with grueling and chilling monsters in another dimension. From this narrative will be subtle references that exists in our lyrics, music, performance and visuals.

The album’s artwork also looks very vivid and interesting. Could you elaborate more on the artwork and the inspiration behind it?

This narrative is active on our website and parts of the story will be told at our live shows.

You’re also in the process of filming a new music video. Are we allowed to know about the concept behind the video yet?

Yes we are currently working on two music videos. These both tie in with our concept of the story and album art. The first video is an intricate event that aesthetically prepares the grounds on which the second one is based. Furthermore [we] shan’t spoil the surprises.

Get the album here.