COMPETITION: We Are Charlie heads to Park Acoustics

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It’s almost time for another edition of Park Acoustics, and ahead of all the excitement, we had a quick chat with Pretoria locals We Are Charlie about the event and their EP, Hey Dead Bird.
You’ll be playing at the October instalment of Park Acoustics soon. Are you excited to be playing at the event?
We are always excited to play, especially high profile shows such as Park Acoustics.
Which other acts are you excited to see on the day?

You know, it’s always a treat seeing the boys from Van Pletzen. They’re fun dudes and always keen for a Jager shot.

In the very beginning of the year, you released your new EP, Hey Dead Bird. How did you come up with this name?

We had another name which I’ve now forgotten, probably because it wasn’t very good, but while we were driving back to our manager’s flat, after a long day of recording, he saw a dead bird and said ‘hey dead bird’. We were all feeling lethargic and staring out the window and the darkness of the situation made us chuckle a little. So we just decided to call it Hey, Dead Bird.

What have fans’ reactions to the new tracks been like so far?

We didn’t really put any PR behind this one because it was just meant to be a ‘sound transition test’ for us, but it did rank well on a lot of cool Spotify Playlists and we’ve gotten good feedback from our friends so we suppose the reaction has been good.
Any favourite tracks from the EP?

“Chapter 4” and “Let’s Glow”. They’re just fun to play.

The year is nearly drawing to a close, and by the looks of it, it has been a busy year for the band. Which 2018 performances have been particularly memorable for you?

There were definitely a few. Mostly the smaller, intimate shows. It’s tough to say really but probably a little show we did under a different band name, just for shits and giggles. We played first, stayed sober and it was just awesome. Best line up of the year as well.
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