INTERVIEW: US band Latex Grenade hits SA’s shores

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US band Latex Grenade will once again be performing all over SA during the month of October. We had a quick chat with the band about their SA tour and their hard-hitting music. Find out more about the band here:

You’ll be performing all over South Africa this month. Are you excited about the trip?
We are very excited about the trip! We have a couple really cool gigs scheduled and it will be a great opportunity to continue what we started from our first tour in SA in 2018.
This isn’t your first time in South Africa. What were some highlights from your previous visit? 
Correct. We had the amazing opportunity to record our last album, The Cage, at Bellville Studios in Cape Town with Theo Crous from the Nude Girls. That was really special. Secondly, we played 8 shows with the Nude Girls after recording the album. It was just an amazing experience all together
Your 2018 single, The Cage, is very outspoken regarding contemporary American issues.How do you hope to impact people’s views through your music?
Well, in America, we are facing a time where it is no longer good enough to say nothing as there are genuine societal problems that we are forced to tackle. This is a pivotal time where we have to look at what is going on and say enough is enough. Our song, The Cage, does just that. On a daily basis there is a mass shooter in America that walks into a public gathering and opens up fire on innocent participants. This has become a regular thing but yet we are here debating who’s wrong or who’s right about gun control. The fact is this is a very deep systemic problem that has grown from hatred. Laws unfortunately are not enough to stop hate. The rhetoric that the Trump administration has used over the last several years has been a catalyst of normalizing hatred. Plain and simple, America has forgotten how to love each other. Our goal with The Cage is to identify our country’s grievances and to work together to rise above the adversity we are faced with in the present times.
The Cage was recorded in Cape Town at Bellville Studios. How did you experience the recording process?
We had an exceptional time recording The Cage at Belville. I feel that a couple of the songs on the album are genuinely my best vocal performances to date. A lot of that credit has to go to Theo successfully finding our best in each track.
The video for your single Stranger Danger is very interesting. Could you elaborate on the concept behind it?
We had an awesome time filming this video. The song stems from being in a life event that is repetitive whether it is work or a relationship and having the desire to do something different or in our words, “strange”. And there are many dangers in wanting to do something different, particularly in a relationship. The desire to want to be with someone else perhaps, or the desire to want to quit your job, these things are thoughts that we all have if our life starts feeling mundane. The music video was an effort to portray a  male who was bored of doing the same old stuff including his work and his marriage. One day he loses his cool and can’t take it anymore, and without thinking he walks into the ocean in his work suit. This is a metaphor of how his brain had completely shut off and he could not take it anymore. The moral of the story is DON’T BE THAT GUY!
What does a typical practice session look like for the band?
We keep things pretty simple in our jam sessions. We run through our songs and will take out bits and pieces of each song and work on those parts if we feel there are areas of improvement. Nowadays, we have a full blown recording studio to work out of when we practice, so it is really nice when we come up with new content and can record it on the fly to take home to listen to and jam on.
Latex Grenade SA tour dates:


Date: Thursday, 17 October 2019
Venue: Pool City, Port Elizabeth
Time: 9PM
Entrance: R50

Date: Saturday, 19 October 2019

Venue: Brass Bell, Kalk Bay, Cape Town
Time: 8PM
Entrance: R50

Date: Friday, 25 October
Venue: Mercury, Cape Tow
Time: 8PM
Entrance: R80 Pre-Sold, R100 Door
With: Springbok Nude Girls, Retro Dizzy, Julia Robert