Interview: TiMO ODV releases new EP, Move

Photo: Canton Parker.

You recently released your new EP, Move. What inspired the EP’s title?

I called it Move because I hope that will people will hear it and that it will make them want to move.

You’ve experimented with some different sounds on the EP. What led to this exploration of new musical terrain?

It’s just a continuation of the journey I started with Dancing Again and The Kingdom; basically just moving down my own lane exploring new sounds that excite me.

Has your new approach influenced your music-making process at all?

Not at all; it’s still the same process as it’s always been – there’s only so many ways you can turn a computer on and start making a beat 😀

How do you hope fans will react to the release?

I hope they will continue to be open-minded like they have been in the past and give what I made a chance.

Can we expect any video releases to accompany the EP’s tracks?

There will be a music video for “Move”.

Which artists inspire your own music?

Jonas Rathsman, Enrico Sanguiliano, Stephan Bodzin, Andhim and a million more.