INTERVIEW: The Lectric Monks release new EP, The Six

Photo by by Adriaan Cruywagen (edited by Gary Peacock).

Today sees the release of a new EP by eclectic band The Lectric Monks. We had a quick chat with the band about the EP:

You recently released your new single, “New Man”. How would you describe the single’s sound?

It’s the celestial love child of psychedelic and groove rock

What was the inspiration behind the song?

‘New Man’ is about self-discovery in one’s life that a new perspective leads to a new lease on life. The psychedelic surf vibes just added the cherry on the top.

Today sees the release of your new EP, The Six. Does the band have any favourite tracks from the EP?

We are excited to release ‘City Lights’ since we have a guest artist, Femi Koya, jamming it out with us on the track.  When you record multiple tracks, a large part of the process is post production work, and in this you have to listen to the songs constantly to make sure the sound is as it should be.  All the band members constantly changed their minds as to which one is their favourite.  It is like children, it is hard to pick a favourite.

How did you experience the recording process for The Six?

It was such an experience!  The pre-production work was done before we went into studio, so it made the whole process a lot more focused, and working with a sound engineer of Jaco Naudè’s calabar, we were always relaxed, knowing we were in good hands.  The studio (Audio Culture) has a great vibe which added to the experience!

Can we expect more singles from the EP soon?

Yes, there are four still coming.  If you purchase the hard copy you can get a bonus track that will get you shaking!

You’ve performed at a wide variety of festivals over the years. Any favourites?

Playing at any festival is always a vibe because everyone is in a festive mood, but what makes it even better is the fact that the people are there for the music!  Oppikoppi is a jol and Mieliepop is such a vibe, but we are excited to experience STRAB as most of us hasn’t been, and we only hear good things!


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