INTERVIEW: Nonku Phiri joins Maribou State for SA performances

Photo: Gabriella Achadinha.

Eclectic singer Nonku Phiri will be joining London-based act Maribou State for their SA performances, and we had the opportunity to chat to her before the shows.

Phiri notes that she is excited about her performance with Maribou State. Having been out of the country for a few months, she says she looks forward to being back in SA just in time for summer. “I’m looking forward to being able to play [with Maribou State] in Cape Town and Johannesburg with people that I love and respect,” says Phiri.

“None of my sets are ever the same,” she further notes. She goes on to say that fans can expect some new material at these shows: “If people want to know what’s coming up next year, they should definitely come to the show[s].”

Phiri says that “home gigs” always stand out to her, because home crowds are incomparably enthusiastic: “South Africa is by far the best crowd [to perform for]. [They] understand every single nuance, and they just vibe out.”

Phiri expresses that her performances at the Soweto Theatre and at the Fak’ugesi Beats Party were some of her more memorable performances of 2017. “Fak’ugesi was really amazing. [The collaborative efforts] were quite nice to see,” Phiri says. She adds that Fak’ugesi is a good platform not inly for artists to showcase their talent, but for conversations around artforms to take place.

When preparing for a performance, Phiri says that she tries to fit in as much rehearsal time as possible and that she tries to be as clear-headed as possible before playing.

You can catch Nonku Phiri and Maribou State alongside Felix Laband, Christian Tiger School, PHFat, Akio, DJ Lag, Kidfonque, and P-Kuttah on 8 September at Mercury Live in Cape Town and on 9 September at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg.