INTERVIEW: Lost & Found release sophomore album

Photo by Christelle Duvenhage.

In January, local alternative duo Lost & Found released their second album, Snakes & Ladders. Lost & Found consists of drummer Jason Oosthuizen and guitarist/vocalist Glenn Hodgson. We spoke to Hodgson about the band’s sophomore  release.

You recently launched your latest album, Snakes & Ladders. Can fans expect any surprises from the new album?
Well the album is definitely a lot heavier than the last – There are loud drums and loud guitars but the songs are still melody focused. It think it is a step up from our last offering, with Jason and I being much more involved in the production. The general feedback from our fans is that they love it, which is good because we only have a handful.
The album art is very humorous and surreal. What inspired it?
I think at the time of trying to decide on artwork a lot of our friends and family members were having babies. We decided that we should definitely also have a baby. We named him New Album Hodgson-Oosthuizen.
What made you decide to name the album Snakes & Ladders?
Snakes & Ladders is a game where you all start on the same block and are all trying to get to the same end, but you have to race against each other while trying to do so. So sometimes you’ll leap over your friend and right onto a snake which will put you back a few places. Other times, as you just plod along, you’ll climb up this awesome ladder and move way ahead of everyone else. It’s really a metaphor for life, isn’t it? When you really think about it, we are all just in a giant game of Snakes & Ladders. It’s also a very nostalgic theme, as everyone can remember playing the game when they were kids. So I guess that out of all the options we had for the album name, this one just made the most sense.
Your previous album received a SAMA nomination. How did you react to this news?
With great surprise and disbelief. This year we are more prepared. Jason has already written his acceptance speech.
In December, you released a video to accompany your single “Can Anyone”. Can you elaborate on the video’s concept?
I cannot. I am way too pedantic about stuff like that so I’ve always found it better to let the producer interpret the song visually, and to come up with a interesting concept. This video was shot by Dizzy Khaki and this is what he saw when he heard the song, and as it so happens, people love it.