INTERVIEW: Hanu De Jong chats Blood Brothers 2018

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Blood Brothers alumnus Hanu de Jong (of The Narrow and Not My Dog) is joining the brotherhood once again in 2018 as the supergroup performs in Cape Town (Zip Zap Circus School) on 22 Sept. and in Pretoria (Platteland) on 29 Sept.We spoke to De Jong about #BB2018, the Blood Brothers single and his preparations for the shows.

In September, you’ll be joining the Blood Brothers crew once again for performances in Pretoria and Cape Town. What are your expectations for the event?
I expect packed venues and great sound! The crews and artists are always top class at these events and I get to just relax and do my thing. The crowd at a Blood Brother show is the best! Always full of energy and a fun time.

How have you experienced working with all the new additions to the Blood Brothers team?
To be honest I will only rehearse with everyone a day or so before the show but we’ve been chatting on the [WhatsApp] group 🙂 Everyone seems to get along as the [WhatsApp] group is full of jokes and piss-taking.

You’ve also been working with the Blood Brothers team on a new #BB2018 song. What can fans expect from the track?
It’s slow, dirty and catchy as hell!

How did you experience the recording process for this track?
My part was easy. Hunter Kennedy told me to do something over the bridge section and sent me the track. I recorded it at a studio here in Auckland and sent it back. Done 🙂

How do you prepare to form part of a mass band like this?
You have to focus on your bit. If you do your bit well then the rest of the crew can focus on what they love instead of trying to help you navigate through a huge show. Knowing when the band has to lead you and when they rely on your queues is important.

What would you say makes Blood Brothers such a unique experience for audiences?
The covers and originals we do are the songs that form the soundtrack to our lives. Sharing that with our fans is very special. Also, hearing how an artist performs a song you already know you get the chance to compare and often realise the uniqueness of that person’s talent.


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