INTERVIEW: Five minutes with Sutherland

Photo by Charlemagne Olivier.

Indie folk three-piece Sutherland have been making waves in the SA music industry in recent years. We had a quick chat with the band to discuss their latest EP, Rainmaker, and their plans for 2019.

In November, you released your new EP, Rainmaker, which is named after its title track. What inspired the EP/track’s name?

In a nut shell, the first rains of spring bring on a new, refreshing feeling. We were all feeling something similar towards the band and the music we had been working on at the time so ‘Rainmaker’ just made perfect sense. the EP is the rain and it’s left us feeling so great and so fresh.

You’ve mentioned that the EP signals the start of a new maturity for the band. In light of this, what can we expect from the EP, sound-wise?

Sound-wise, this EP varies quite a bit which we’re super excited about. On one hand it feels like a natural progression for Sutherland, but on the other, there are elements from our early days which come through quite a lot on this EP. It sways from some really vibey, upbeat songs to some really emotive, down-tempo tracks. We think there will be something for everyone on the EP.

You recorded the EP at High Seas studios earlier this year. Were there any standout moments for the band during the recording process?

Going back to record with Jacques Du Plessis at High Seas Studios was quite a standout moment in itself. We love working with the guy and he had some really cool new equipment we got to play around with that really helped bring out an honest sound in the songs which we loved. Other than that we recorded some parts on a Hang Drum which was really interesting and we experimented with playing a guitar with a bow. Those two elements really brought something special to the table. The whole experience was just really easy and turned out exactly how we had hoped it would.

Any favourite tracks from the EP?

We really love all of them, but ‘Moon’ and ‘Fight’ are really interesting tracks to listen to and are probably a little ahead in the race to favouritism.

Your single “Love Like That” has been doing well on radio charts this year. Has the track got a special story behind it?

Without going into too much detail, there was a lot going on in our lives that influenced the writing of that track. I think the lyrics speak to that really well.  More importantly though, this was a huge step in terms of direction and songwriting for us and we’re so excited that it lead us to the songs we wrote for Rainmaker.

As 2018 is steadily drawing to a close, what can fans expect from Sutherland in 2019?  

2018 has been a great year for us but we’re hoping to make 2019 a banger. We’re planning on putting out a full length album, a few videos, a tour and plenty of shows around the country.