INTERVIEW: Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses chat Park Acoustics’ 9th birthday

Photo by Mikyla Jonck.

This Sunday we toast to Park Acoustics as they celebrate their 9th birthday. Among the many great acts on the itinerary for the day is Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses. We had a chat with the band about Parks and their new EP.

You will be performing at Park Acoustics’ 9th birthday this month. Can music lovers expect any birthday surprises from your set?

It’s not conventional birthday stuff, but there will be jumps, jams, dancers, and a recently acquired donkey head to commemorate the celebration.

Which artists are you excited to watch on the day?

We’re most excited to see Hezron Chetty’s new act, Hezron Chetty and the Zugzwang. The format is very unconventional and promises a few surprises. Plus Hezron’s violin playing is totally beastly.

Do you have any special Park Acoustics memories from the past 9 years?

Look, alcohol tends to diminish memory… So no. Although Dan Patlansky and Boxer killed it at the last Parks.

You recently released a new single, “Double or Nothing”. How would you describe the single’s sound? 

The sound of “Double or Nothing” is an exploration into a slower tzigan (gypsy) swagger territory. It’s mean to be dirty, mean and doesn’t give a damn.

This single is from your upcoming EP, Thrice a Pair. What inspired the EP’s name?

Really it’s a utilitarian kind of name. It refers to the fact that the EP has two originals, two covers and two live tunes. We’ll save the full blown concepts for the next album…

How have you been experiencing the EP’s recording process? 

Quick and dirty, but very pleasurable in the end. We recorded with Byron Muller from Audio Nebula at Markon Studios in Springs, Johannesburg. This was our first experience with him as engineer, and he is excellent to work with. He knows just when to get into, as well as out of our way.

Is there any final message you’d like to share with our readers before they watch you on Sunday?

As a final message, we want to extend thanks to all the fans dancing at our shows, buying our merch and streaming our tunes! Y’all rock and we can’t wait to see you at Parks!