INTERVIEW: Dan Patlansky releases new album, Perfection Kills

Photo by Tobias Coetsee.

Ahead of the release of his 9th studio album, we spoke to guitar legend Dan Patlansky:

You have recently launched your 9th studio offering, Perfection Kills. What can fans anticipate from this release?
I believe it is the best album I’ve done to date. It’s an album I’ve wanted to make for many years now. I think its still got my brand of Blues Rock, but in a slightly more organic platform.

What inspired you to name the release “Perfection Kills”?
Well, the way I approached the production inspired the name. I didn’t want to over produce it and kill the magic. Which happens quite often when you over think any art form. I wanted it to be as close to a live set as possible.

Having such a significant collection of past releases, how would you say your sound has changed or grown over the years?
I think I’m a better songwriter than I was years back, thanks to working with Theo Crous for so long. So I think that’s where it differs; stronger songs and a better sense of what I want to sound like. Its important to find your own voice.

Is there a song that stands out to you specifically from Perfection Kills?
My favourite track is Johnny – that’s why I put it as the opener. The song closest to my heart is My Dear Boy because its written for my 6 month year old son.

You recorded Perfection Kills at Scherzo Productions. How did you experience the recording process?
Great sounding room and gear. I loved working there because it doesn’t have that classic studio dead feel. Its a great creative place and most importantly 5 minutes away from my house.

The album cover features some striking photography. What was the extent of your involvement in this process?
The cover was done by in Jozi. I briefed them on the concept and wanted something close to what it is. But they came up with the album as you see it today.