INTERVIEW: Chris van der Walt chats Blood Brothers

Photo by Andre Badenhorst.

This September, ten exceptional SA musicians will take to Pretoria and Cape Town’s stages (for one night only in each city) for the annual Blood Brothers concert. We spoke to Chris van der walt of The Black Cat Bones about this much-anticipated event.

In September, you’ll be joining the Blood Brothers crew once again for performances in Pretoria and Cape Town. What are your expectations for the event?

I am really happy that we get the opportunity to take the show to both Cape Town and Joburg. I think it will be a rocking event, like it has been so far, and it’s all for a good cause. The new vocalists definitely have great flavours to offer, and we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves with the songlist.

How have you experienced working with all the new additions to the Blood Brothers team?

They’ve all be wonderful. Everyone has brought some great ideas, they’ve been a breeze to work with, and everyone seems very hyped about it. We have very pro and seasoned musicians in the group, and that helps a lot.

You’ve also been working with the Blood Brothers team on a new #BB2018 song. What can fans expect from the track?

It was written by Hunter Kennedy, the songwriting wizard. The song has a nice rock sound to it, with a bit of tension in the verse riff, which explodes into an epic chorus. Each singer has brought a great vibe to the track, and I’m sure people will dig it.

Your band, The Black Cat Bones, has recently released a new single called “Turn of the Century”. How would you describe the track?

It’s a bad ass rock ’n roll tune with a bass driven riff, filled by beautiful melodies, hip drums, and a crushing delivery. The lyrical content has got great imagery, and I think it’s an idea that touches a lot of people in today’s times.

You’ve also recently released a video to accompany the track. Could you elaborate on the video’s concept?

We wanted the video to have a similar look/feel to the song. There are some delicate moments, but there are also some rough and edgy moments. Fred van Leeuwn (The Image Engineer) totally got the vibe, and translated it so well onto screen. It has a 90s video feel like NIN or Alice in Chains. A lot of sparks, fire, old wrecks, and great images.