INTERVIEW: Chatting to Just Brewing ahead of Capital Craft Beer Fest

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This June, Capital Craft Beer Fest will make its annual return. This year, the event will take place at the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens. We had a quick chat with Just Brewing ahead of this year’s festival:

Are there any artists at the event that you’re excited to watch?

Bad Peter has always been one of my favourite live bands. They gather positive energy and have great stage presence.

What kind of products will you have on sale at the event, that customers can look forward to?

We have a number of new beers on Tap for the festival, Including our “Gelukswein” Hibiscus Kolsch as well as our “Nydelik” This means delicious in Norwegian as this was brewed with a Norwegian yeast that is generations old. Both beers will are also low ABV so you can guarantee a good session with the beers. We also have “Shake it Up”,  a milkshake stout. We all also have Some usual beers like our Just Jozi APA and SMaSH IT! IPA. For the non Beer Drinkers, we will have our Just Gin and Tonic, Burnt Orange and Cinnamon on Tap as well as a Berry Cider.

Which of your brews is a real customer favourite?

All our beers are enjoyed, however the Nydelik has become a favourite due its very different flavour from the Experimental Hops used as well as the unique yeast in the beer.

Are there any flavour combinations you’d still like to try?

I’ve tried and enjoyed many different styles of beers, from Blended beers to Sour beers, yes intentionally soured” and really enjoy tasting new flavours in different beers. I enjoy mixing it up between styles and that is why we will always have a new beer on tap for our customers to try.

What made you decide to enter the brewing business?

Brewing is not for the feint hearted. As I always mention that you spend more time cleaning and sanitising than actually brewing.  But you need passion for the product more than anything else. This is what moved us from home brewing to commercial brewing in 2014 and since then we have grown organically one small step at  a time. Seeing the joy on people’s faces when they taste our products always makes me happy. I am proud to be part of the South African Craft beer scene and look forward to making more happy hoppy brews.

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