Interview: Cantrel releases new single, “Tough Life”

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Long-time Prime Circle keyboradist Neil Breytenbach has recently released a new single, “Tough Life”, as part of his new project: Cantrel. We spoke to him about this project and the release.

Recently, you released a new single titled “Tough Life”. What was the inspiration behind the track?

“Tough Life” is basically about the everyday struggle we go through in life, whether its work, relationships or the tight economy we [are] all dealing with.

“Tough Life” features rapper Velocity. How did you experience this collaboration?
Velosity is a phenomenal rapper, working with someone on his talent level makes writing music so much easier. Will definitely be working with Velosity again.

The track was engineered and produced in SA, but mixed and mastered in Germany. Why the
split in location?
While touring Germany last year, I met this mixing & mastering engineer who was actually born in SA but has lived in Germany his whole life. We got talking about music and we just clicked. So yes, there might be a country separation but his routes are from SA and his work is really amazing.

You are busy working on a full length album, to be released in the near future. What can fans
expect from the release?
Fans can expect a variety of different music but still remaining in the alternative electronic pop / rock style. There will be some rocking tunes but also some soulful broken down acoustic type songs.

You’ve been the keyboardist for Prime Circle for several years. What made you decide to start Cantrel as a side project?
Cantrel was created as a creative outlet for myself. I’m always writing music and it’s all different styles. So I figured instead of letting it sit on a hard drive in my studio, I would rather put it out there for the world to hear and hopefully they enjoy it.

How did you come up with the name, Cantrel?

One of the meanings behind the word ‘Cantrell’ spelt with two L’s. Is to be Bold, independent, inquisitive and know what you want and why you want it. This basically resonantes very well with me and is a Strong Statement. I Like the name.

For this project, you’ll be inviting different artists to join you on each song. Which artists do you have in mind so far?

I have a couple of artists lined up so far ready to go. My main aim is to give back to the community by giving singers that don’t necessarily have a name yet an opportunity to perform on a song and be in a studio environment. I also will be inviting singers who are more well known.

Which kind of genres do you hope to explore with this project?
I will be exploring an Alternative Electronic Pop Rock type style with this project.

Find out more about Cantrel here.