INTERVIEW: 5 Minutes with MISSU ahead of Mieliepop 2018

Mieliepop 2018 is nearly upon us, and we had a quick chat with one of this year’s stellar Rave Cave acts, MISSU.

Photo: Brett van Dort.

This isn’t your first Mieliepop appearance. What were some of your personal highlights from Mieliepop 2017? 

Wow that’s a difficult one considering it’s my favourite SA festival so far. I love how relaxed it is and how diverse the lineup is. I do have to say that Femi Koya last year was out of this world!
Do you have any personal expectations for the festival?

I’m sure my set is going to be a lot different this year playing in the Rave Cave as opposed to the Cool in the Pool stage. Also expecting it to be as communal as last year. It was great meeting other musicians and connecting with artist that I’m a fan of. Other than that I need to spend more time in the river and last year I didn’t get a chance to go on the comedy barge which I’d like to do.
Are there any acts you’re excited to see at Mieliepop? 
So many. Leeu, LUMA, Hello Beautiful (who were next level last year), Sun Xa and of course the Easy Freak boiz <3. I haven’t seen DJ Invizable perform in years so [very] keen to see that as well.
How do you usually prepare for live sets? 
It all depends on the setting and what energy I’m trying to bring. Most festival sets are pretty high energy so I’ll make sure it’s bumping from the get go with a bit of whimsy. Other than that it’s just me practicing in my room over and over till I’m satisfied with the set.
How do you decide which songs to remix? 
I have to feel a connection with song. It could just be a melody line that tugs and then I’ll feel the urge to mess around with it. After that it starts to take on some other form in my head.
Any big plans in the pipeline for 2018?

There’s an album coming out <3 and it has heck load of collabs.