Flashback Friday: Texas

Article by Kegan Gaspar.

In anticipation for their first ever performances in South Africa this weekend, Flashback Friday will be taking a look at the influential Scottish rock band Texas. The band will finally be visiting South Africa as part of their Jump on Board Live Tour in support of their latest album, Jump on Board.

When I was younger, Texas, along with Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley and The Corrs, would flood the empty spaces of our house and were the soundtrack to car trips which ranged from holiday getaways to weekly trips to the grocery store. Songs like “I Don’t Want A Lover” and “Say What You Want” sparked my fascination with Texas that has persisted from my youthful moments of bliss to the rush of my adult life. Sharleen Spiteri’s gorgeously emotive vocals have been something of a fixture in my life.

Because I was essentially born yesterday, my initial exposure to Texas was through their The Greatest Hits singles compilation that my mother would play during my formative years. Later, as I grew older, I filled in the blanks by returning to Texas’s earlier discography, discovering the musical delight of neglected songs like “Tell Me Why” and “Saint”.

With their 1989 debut, Southside, Texas captured the world’s attention with the hit song “I Don’t Want A Lover”, the joyful noise that is “Prayer for You” and the emotional “Everyday Now”. Since then, the band has released many hit singles and albums, including the 1997 White on Blonde and the rush of 1999’s The Hush. Texas’s earlier discography yields blessings like “Black Eyed Boy”, “Summer Son” and “So In Love With You” which established the band as one of the world’s most distinct bands.

Although their earlier discography is most certainly iconic, Texas’s work post The Greatest Hits album is the site of many musical treasures. In 2003 Texas released Careful What You Wish For which includes the enigmatic “Telephone X” and “Carnival Girl”, a collaboration with Kardinal Offishall. Perhaps one of my favourite Texas releases is 2013’s The Conversation and its eponymous lead single as it is, perhaps, their most poignant release since “I Don’t Want A Lover”.

Texas has consistently provided its fan base with musical marvels and their latest release most certainly lives up to this standard.

I am certain that their South African fans are gearing up to immerse themselves in a much anticipated live Texas experience. Everyone at Artwolf is most certainly looking forward to Sunday’s Johannesburg performance.