Flashback Friday: Kylie Minogue – Fever

The second installment of our Flashback Friday segment takes a contemporary look at Kylie Minogue’s iconic album, Fever. Article by Kegan Gaspar.

Do you remember when Kylie Minogue released “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” and music was invented?

I do.

By the time Fever had been released in 2001, Kylie had already released several albums, explored several musical styles, had several iconic hair styles, and had reinvented herself several times over. Her album Light Years, released in 2000, saw Kylie infect the hearts of the pop loving globe and also made those golden booty shorts an iconic piece of pop memorabilia.

And then there’s Fever.

With Fever came groundbreaking singles like “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, “Love At First Sight”, “Come Into My World” and “It’s In Your Eyes”. Fever saw Kylie drawing influence from infectious disco rhythms, most notable in songs like “More, More, More”, “Burning Up” and “Dancefloor”. The album remains a triumph for pop music infused with disco.

I think it’s safe to assume that most people would have heard at least one song from Fever in the 2000s and for those of us who grew up in those years the album sounded like victory. Although some might say the subjects of sex, love and attraction are tired out and overdone (and they’d probably be right), Fever tackles these themes with the kind of grace and style that only Kylie Minogue is capable of.

Beyond being undeniably catchy and eternally danceable, Fever shows us that it is always possible to reinvent oneself and that our identity is not stagnant. This is most likely why Kylie and her sickeningly catchy songs resonate so well with the Queer community. And whether you love her or hate her, Kylie and her elegant pop craftsmanship will remain a fixture in the halls of pop until the end of time.

Do you feel the fever?