Five minutes with Pascal & Pearce

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Pascal & Pearce are an electro/house duo who have been gaining much attention with their lively tracks. We spoke to this two-piece power group about their newest remix for the track “I Should Have Said”.

You’ve recently released a remix for your the “I Should Have Said”. What made you decide to do a remix of this particular song?

Pascal: Our record label Universal Music pitched the remix to us, and we decided to remix the original because it was an opportunity to work with an international vocalist.

Dave: Yeah, once we heard the track we knew immediately it was something we could work with – the vocals are really awesome and we’re very stoked we got this opportunity!

 What are some of the challenges unique to creating remixes?

P: Mainly just making sure we can keep the main integrity of the original song whilst adding our take on it.

D: Sometimes when you really like the original it can be a bit difficult, because it’s hard to get that original out of your head. You really need to remove yourself from it and try approach the track with a clear mind and not just try recreate the original. We love working on remixes though, we always have!

 You’ve recently announced that you’ve officially signed with Universal Music SA. What does this mean for your future releases?

P: Yes, we’re really happy about it! This means that for the next couple of years our music will be released through the Universal Music Group.

D: Yeah, we’re really excited to be working with the team there, we’re hoping this can open a lot more doors for us, and we’re very excited about the new music we’re going to be putting out soon!

 You performed at Rocking the Daisies again this year. What was this experience like?

 P: It was an incredible experience, that was truly humbling. It felt like it lasted a couple of seconds when we were up there.

D: Rocking The Daisies is always crazy, definitely a favourite for us on the calendar. The energy was unreal…but [I agree] with Pasci, it feels like it lasted 10 seconds.

With the release of this new remix, can we expect any more new releases in the near future?

 P: Yes, 2017 is jam packed with loads of new songs through Universal Music. We can’t wait to for them all to be released!

D: Watch this space, lots of new music coming soon!