Five minutes with Bye Beneco

Bye Beneco on the Koppi main stage. Photo: Elmarie Kruger.

Interview by Jessica Oosthuizen.

Local favourites on the dream-pop scene, Bye Beneco, recently came back from their second European tour. We chatted with them at Oppikoppi about their set at the festival and their new releases.

You recently came back from your second Euro tour. Tell us about your experience, the response and highlights.

It was definitely bigger this year, we played bigger shows and more shows. Last year was more like a foundation tour. We did pretty well in Amsterdam and Germany. The tour was really cool.

You recently shared some teasers of your “Ghetto Disko” music video that you shot at the iconic Doll House. What was your experience shooting the video?

It was really cool, we had a really fun team. We’re all friends, so it was just a really fun, weird weekend and the concept is really complex. Matthew: There was a lot of make-up; (laughs) that was my first experience of sitting in a chair for like two hours and getting make-up done.

Your sound and style goes in so many directions, where do you draw inspiration from?

Each of us have our own inspiration. Each member listens to different music and has different backgrounds so it all comes together. We really like the idea of not pinpointing a genre, it keeps it exciting for us.

How did you experience your recent set at Koppi?

[We played] some new material, it [was] be the first time that [we performed] some of the new songs, like brand new, a bit too new, we probably shouldn’t be playing it (laughs).