Durge make their way to Malkop Summer Rock Festival

Image provided.

Image provided.

Durge have been making waves on the local rock scene recently, and we got to chat to this energetic new band about their upcoming set at the Malkop Summer Rock Festival.

In September, you played your debut show at Mercury. How did that go?

We had great time and our set went really well. We received positive and also constructive feedback which is great to have had whilst preparing for the shows after that. Having had to organise the show ourselves it went as planned. Great acts, good turnout, good vibe and of course epic party.

At this show, you performed with The Valley and Runaway Nuns – what was that like?

Both bands are awesome and also we enjoy their music a lot. So to have them play at the event was perfect. They are also such cool dudes to work with and from their side contributed to the show. Looking forward to sharing the stage at Malkop with Runaway Nuns!

How did the band prepare for the show?

We only started rehearsing in June/July, but outside of weekly rehearsals in Cape Town and Stellenbosch we are lucky to be able to use Mark’s parents’ holiday house in Yzerfontein. So we have these band weekends which really helps to get everything tight. On the night of the show [we have] the usual warm ups and some tequila…

You’ll be playing at Malkop Festival in December. What are your expectations for the festival?

Having attended the festival last year, we are expecting to have one of the best weekends of 2016. Malkop truly is one the coolest festivals around. The line-up is well thought out with amazing acts playing. It’s a privilege to be able to be a part of it.

Do you have any expectations for your set itself at the festival?

If we do what we do and play the songs as it should be we’ll be stoked. We’re up at 14h00, nice and sunny, hopefully the crowd melts and not us. It’s bound to be fun to jam there and we’re looking forward to it!

How would you describe your sound?

This is always tricky to answer. We came up with the term ‘Progressive Melandelic Rock’. Haha…. So that is what we would describe it as. We draw influences from many places and genres of music. The general sound is dark and melancholic but it progresses to many other places.

Which other musicians are you most inspired by?

Most musicians in the local scene. We obviously are inspired by international musicians as well but I guess being close to other musicians in S.A and being able to see how they build the music scene in South Africa and also being a part of that inspires us.