D&S Heads to Halloween to spook Loftus

Photo by: Alex Lambley.

This October you’ll be playing at the Masters of the Universe stage at Halloween 2018. Are you excited for the event?

Very excited – Since playing here in 2016 we can’t wait to get back, We are also excited by the new venue and look forward to seeing what the biggest Halloween party in South Africa will cook up.

What can attendees expect from your set?

We enjoy playing the music we take interest in at that moment so you could maybe expect something a little less serious focusing on bouncier old-school house progression with a disco influence.

Do you have any personal goals or expectations for your performance at Halloween?

To look more ridiculous then the Nun and Al Capone we came as last time.

Which acts are you excited to see at the event?

Majesty (Niskerone & Haezer duo) is going to be wild and we always enjoy listening to one of Pretoria’s favourites, Trancemicsoul.

How do you usually prepare for sets like these?

We aim to each bring our own bunch of favourite tracks on the night. We take it from there believing this mix of selections whilst reacting to the listeners response is where the magic happens.