Dirty Moonshine heads to Oppikoppi #23

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Dirty Moonshine is a gritty rock ‘n’ roll four-piece from Johannesburg. This weekend, the band will be lighting up Koppi’s famed Skellum stage. We spoke to them ahead of this year’s festival.

This weekend, you’ll be playing on the Skellum Stage at Oppikoppi. What can fans expect from your Koppi set?

Dave: We will be embracing our name and the Skellum stage, if we could of had a pole set up on stage with us, I would of had Roy do some pole dancing while performing. We have been working hard putting a new set together for Oppikoppi, throwing in a new song and a new dirty little cover, can’t tell, no spoilers. I have even been making the guys prepare and get gig fit by having them drink at least 3 beers every morning on waking up. So expect one big fun ridiculous party!

Are there any specific artists you’re excited to see at Koppi this year?

Roy: Sho, so many great bands but definitely The Black Cat Bones, After Robot, Boxer, Cold Water Morning, Cadillac Sun, Hell Cats, I AM, Jack Mantis Band, Jerry and the Bandits, Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop, Shut Up! It’s Sunday, Slashdot and The Ceramics. We have a busy few days ahead of us.

You’ve recently returned from the Misty Waters festival at Lake Umuzi. How did you experience the festival?

Allan: It was an interesting experience as none of us had ever been to Secunda, we had an absolute blast frankly, the sound and stage setup was just out of this world and the artists were treated like gold. It was definitely a great weekend!

What was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Toxic Waltz”?

Roy: The temptation to escape the mundane day-to-day life we all lead.

Which artists have most inspired your music?

Wez: We all have different influences but to name a few; ZZ Top, Rob Zombie, Monster Truck, Mariah Carey and Björk.

How do you usually prepare for live sets?

Dave: Depending on the show, we alternate between a more aggressive and medium set. Normally we take a look into the event and then prepare out set list from there. Practice makes perfect, I also switch the lights off and throw things at the guys to test their concentration levels. Obviously mine are terrible as I am causing havoc instead of practicing.