Deadline talks Halloween 2018 at Loftus


Photo by Ken-Andy Traloar from Ken Traloar Photography.

This October, you’ll be performing at Halloween 2018 alongside big names like I See Stars, Bittereinder, Newtown Knife Gang and more. What can fans expect from your set?

First of all we are very excited to be a part of this line up with so much amazing local and international talent on display. Of course every time we get a chance to share the stage with an international act is an added feather on our cap. As for the show itself fans can expect the usual high intensity, energetic and passionate Deadline show with all our usual props and unrivaled power as well as all the necessary bloody, sweat and beers that make our show a party. Plus it is Halloween, something wicked this way comes.

Which acts are you excited to see at the event?

Being metal heads of course Boargazm, Vulvodynia, Deamhorth and the System of a Down tribute act are high on our collective agendas.

What costume choices can we expect from the band for the event?

We are all still mulling over Halloween costume ideas and one of us dislikes playing in costume or dressed up. HAHA! Perhaps a history of heavy metal theme where each member goes dressed up as an artist from a famous band? Imagine Fenriz, Papa Emeritus, Abbath, King Diamond and Alice Cooper all on one stage? Ok, let me not disclose any more.

Which tracks are the band’s favourites to perform live?

That’s a tough one as we all have our own personal choices but we are currently having a whale of a time playing two new tracks (‘High Tops & Bullet Belts’ and ‘Dark Divination’) that we have yet to record that will be on album no 2. Other than that my personal fave is ‘Break the Silence’ which we start 99% of our shows off with. We have also recently started playing a Ghost cover that we all have a ton of fun playing live.

You played in Botswana for the first time at the end of September. How did you feel about the show?  – We [were] terribly excited to play in Botswana. It [was] be our first show away from South African soil and we co-headlin[ed] the Rock the Nation event playing on both nights. We have seen some footage and photos of shows that have taken place in Botswana and the one thing we picked up on is the extreme passion of the Botswana fans and we look[ed] forward to sharing this adrenaline fuelled weekend with them.

Your sound is very distinctive – which bands have influenced your sound over the years?

We play a hybrid of old school heavy metal and hard rock with thrash metal and power metal influences. Our main influences are bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Guns N Roses, Accept, Manowar, Testament, Kreator and the like.