Dance, You’re On Fire: back in the saddle

Photo: Megan De Jong

Photo: Megan De Jong

Dance, You’re On Fire have been known for their pumping rock tracks, and the band has recently announced their reunion – much to the joy of old and new fans alike. We spoke to band member Tom Manners about the band’s reunion and their brand new single, “Get It Right”.

The band has recently returned to music-making after three years. Does it seem like the SA music scene has changed much during this time?

Yeah, considerably. MK, for one, is no more. It was a huge influence when we were coming up. I also think that the prevailing sound has changed, and that SA bands are playing and managing themselves at a much higher level.

How did the inspiration for your recently released track “Get It Right” come about?

The track itself came from an idea I had one Sunday afternoon on the guitar. I just picked it up and this really interesting chord structure came out – I took it to the guys the next day and we fleshed out the song in one night. We tried to avoid overthinking it. It was important to us to let the music flow. Lyrically, the song is about feeling frustrated about having a negative attitude to something, and trying to change that.

How did the band experience the recording process for “Get It Right”?

It was great. We recorded it at High Seas Studios with Jacques, and Adrian tracked the whole thing. It was a really relaxed and organic process. It felt great to record again for the fun of it.

Do you feel like the band’s sound has changed or grown after the hiatus?

Yes and no. Yes in that we’re trying not to get too strung up on the intricacies of the music and to allow the process to flow, no in that we’re still the same band we were on day one. We like making loud, fast music that you can sing a lot to.

You’ve started performing again since the release of “Get It Right”. Which has been your favourite performance so far?

We’ve done two shows – PTA and JHB. Both were incredible. We played with some great bands, the attendance was off the charts and people were having a great time. It was fantastic.

What’s next for the band? Can we expect any videos or even EP/album releases soon?

New shows and the rest of our four track EP!

Listen to “Get It Right” below: