Chris Chameleon heads to Bokjol 2016

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Image provided.

Chris Chameleon is a prolific local favourite when it comes to SA’s celebrated musicians. We spoke to this unique and creative artists about his new album, his recent return to television and his upcoming set at the Bokjol festival in September.

You’ll be performing at the brand new Bokjol festival this September. What are your expectations for your performance there?

[W]hat I can say with certainty is I expect to walk on stage, plug in my guitar and play some of my favourite tunes.

You’ve recently taken your production “Firmament” to the National Arts Festival. What is the concept behind this production?

“Firmament” is also the name of my new album, which release[d] [last]week. It is a collection of songs about where I am at in my life at the moment. I dabble in ideas around finding a good homecoming in yourself, the joys of service in love, etc. It’s a big, very big universe out there and somehow I fit in. The album celebrates that.

You’ve also recently been involved in the SABC 3 show Sober Companion. What was that experience like?

I’ve been acting for television since 1990. But after music swallowed me whole, somewhere around the late 90’s, I have had too little time for acting. Music sends you to a different town every night and acting wants you in the same town every day, so it’s hard. That’s why I was very happy when this role came along and I saw I was going to be around long enough to do it. I loved playing the role, the character is a drug addict, pretty lost – it’s always nice playing something or someone completely unlike yourself because then you can immerse yourself in the role and go to town with it.

In June, you released a video for your new track “Hurt”. Could you elaborate on the video’s concept

Yup, I’ve noticed the video is a bit rich for some peoples’ taste and I’ve gotten a few shocked reactions. But you know, that’s the thing about being an artist. Life would be drab and very samey if it wasn’t for the fact that artists shake it up and generate a different perspective. I like acting, whether it’s like a loser, a winner, a cop, a drug addict or a woman. The video for “Hurt” narrates my emotional journey to what I am at present. I allude a bit to the ideas of recreation, reincarnation, self-realization and transformation to what I am today: a plain old boerseun in the Free State.

Can we expect any more single releases in the near future?

Yes, indeed. The album has now been released and I’ll focus on its promotion for the next few months. I’m going into the studio in November for my next Afrikaans album as well, so yeah, it’s been a pretty productive year.

Watch the video for “Hurt” below: